2023-03-22 MITI Governance Board Meeting

Meeting attendees

Attendees: Adam Taylor, Allison Maier, Alyce Chen, Denis Schapiro (minute taker), Ethan Baker, Jeremy Muhlich, Sarah Arena, Wouter-Michiel Vierdag

Agenda and Discussion

Presentation by Wouter-Michiel Vierdag on interaction with OME-NGFF format

  • Wouter-Michiel to identify key participants for an in-depth conversation about the new format/metadata vision and then present their recommendations to this group at a subsequent meeting.

New membership: How do we replace “governance board” members?

  • Current policy: “This board will remain for 18 months followed by a community-based voting of a new governance board (4-5 board members) every January. New candidates can be proposed by board members, community members or via a direct application. Therefore, an issue will be opened (November) in this repository to collect names and for voting via emojis. We welcome and encourage participation by everyone!”
  • Suggestion for rotating membership to allow for continuity
  • Will post election annoucement to GitHub to solicit nominations

Industry MITI integrations

  • White paper together with vendors, software providers, researchers etc.
  • Invite company or industry participation in MITI meetings

Progression atlas and treatment-over-time

  • Governance Board will revisit once specific use-cases are available to consider

Differentiating between slide and biospecimen-specific metadata

  • Include a slide identifier AND biospecimen identifier
  • Tissue microarrays (TMA) also experience this issue

Cancer Research Data Commons Imaging metadata template based on HTAN/MITI

  • Adam: CRDC template should be MITI (currently HTAN-flavored MITI)

Generalisability to other microscopy approaches (MC2 = mega DCC for multiple consortia supported by NCI (e.g., CSBC))

  • Adam: SAGE is involved in MC2
  • What could a “core” MITI look like for MC2?
  • For use cases to discuss, Adam will reach out to specific participants