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2022-03-23 MITI Governance Board Meeting

Meeting attendees

Sarah Arena (minute taker), Markus Hermann, Allison Maier, Jeremy Muhlich, Sandro Santagata, Denis Schapiro, Artem Sokolov, Adam Taylor, Clarence Yapp


Schema converter implementation MITI check-list for SITC working group

Discussion and Decisions

  • Schema Converters Pull request 13: Whenever a pull request is merged, additional representations will be automatically generated. The proposed solution has been made available in pull request 18 and a request for feedback was posted. After discussion, we decided to proceed with a different solution. In the future, a tag will be used as a trigger for GitHub actions to create a .zip file artifact, which will be released and versioned using GitHub Releases. Follow-up is assigned to Artem Sokolov.
  • Is the MITI community interested in creating a more minimal MITI standard that can be used by journals that receive multiplexed imaging submissions? The MITI Governance Board discussed the importance of keeping MITI itself as a minimum standard but will use this as an opportunity to revisit required fields for different use cases and ensure that information that can’t be recreated is prioritized. Denis Schapiro will gather the current required MITI fields and will share with MITI and DICOM communities for feedback before submitting suggested fields to the SITC working group.
    • The MITI working group can use the outcome of these discussions to further refine the standard definitions in the YAML files, by introducing an additional “context” entry under “significance”. The entry can be used to specify one or more context(s) in which the corresponding metadata field is to be considered “required”.
  • The Board discussed creating a MITI extractor to support automatic metadata extraction. Ideally, this would be a standalone tool that could be called by multiple tools. Further discussions need to be had about who has the time and skill to write the code to extract data.
  • The Board discussed potential avenues for MITI adoption, including MCMICRO, HTAN, HuBMAP,Minerva, and the Harvard Tissue Atlas.

Items for future discussion

  • Creating a MITI extractor to support automatic metadata extraction.
  • Revisit adding PDX-MI standard with the help of Shishir Pant, Tyler Jacks, Joan Brugge
  • Continue exploring relevant ontologies to incorporate as suggested or controlled values